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The Great Reset

Welcome to The Great Reset…How you choose to use this unique moment in history will shape the rest of your life. So how will you use it?


Sometimes for fun, I scroll/creep the social media profiles of notable people in my fair city of Toronto, who, pre-COVID-19, seemed to have a social and commercial monopoly of sorts: a monopoly over business opportunities, over the pages of the social rubrics of our most popular publications, over my social feeds, etc.

There was a tight circle of people in Toronto who were basically trading opportunities for business and connections among each other, while leaving a LOT of talented, hard-working people out. Particularly people of colour. Particularly black people. Particularly black women. Basically, what was happening in the Venture Capital space, but on a much smaller but still profitable scale.

All of that has stopped now. Pre-March 2020, the days when you could start a successful business with staff and lucrative contracts and a ready-to-spend clientele, all based purely off of the other wealthy and/or connected people you know, have come a grinding halt.

The other source of local business income: Tempting up-and-coming professionals and entrepreneurs with “access” by way of expensive events, expensive restaurants, and notoriously blatant discriminatory (in both hiring and guest admission) night clubs and lounges…is done for the unforeseeable future.

Whatever country you live in, whatever city you live in, no matter where you came from, who your family is, or what your ethnicity is, now’s the time to aggressively pursue your dreams, turn them into goals, take action, and make them a reality.

Because guess what? Commerce, society, and gate-keeping, have all been level-set. The deals that our more privileged friends enjoyed passing back and forth to each other, the exclusive events designed to bring the “in” crowd and their hangers-on together to schmooze, the cheesy clubs, cocktail bars and steakhouses we went to in order to be “seen” have been decimated. We’re all trapped inside our own homes.

While other people are posting memes about not being able to tell what day it is, or “trying to balance it all,” how are YOU going to use this time…this competitive edge?

I understand, we are still not necessarily all on equal footing, but we’re as damn close as we’re ever going to get. While everyone is licking their wounds over not being able to spend money on acrylic nails and lash extensions, how they’re going to maintain their the mortgage for their mansion or penthouse, pivoting their personal brand from “socialite” to the more respectful and relevant “activist” you’re already planning and making the necessary phone calls, and putting in the work to not just take your business or career to the next level, but to SKIP levels.

Welcome to The Great Reset. Do with it what you will.